Track Your Friends Location

Track your friends location using Google Maps to make sure they are safe. With the help of technology and GPS, knowing where someone is right now can be handy for things like staying safe on trips or meeting up with people easily.

Track your Friends Location
Track your Friends Location

Before you can start following where your friends are in real time, make sure you have Google Maps on your phone. You can get it from the IOS App Store or Android Play Store. Once you have the latest version, here’s how to track your friends:

Turn on Location Services – 

To find where someone is in real-time, you and your friends must turn on location services on your devices. Here’s how to do it:

For Android Users:

Open the ‘Settings’ option on your mobile phone.

Scroll down and select the “Location” option.

Track your friend's location
Track your friend’s location

Enable the Location option and select “Location Services”

Track your friends location
Track your friends location

Next, Select the Google Location Accuracy and Enable it.

Track your friends location
Track your friends location

For IOS Users:

Open the “Settings” option on your iPhone

Track your friends location
Track your friends location

Scroll down and open the “Privacy and Security” option.

Track your friends location
Track your friends location

Enable the “Location Services” option at the top.

Track your friends location
Track your friends location

Then Scroll Down and open “Google Maps” and select the option “While Using the App”.

Track your friends location
Track your friends location

Ask your Friend for their Location

Before you can see where someone is, you have to ask them to share their location with you. You can do this after you’ve shared your location with them.

Here’s How to do it –

Open “Google Maps” on your device.

Tap on your Profile and select the option “Location Sharing”>“Share Location”

Track your friends location
Track your friends location

Decide for how long you want to let them see where you are, like one hour, until you say stop, or a specific time you choose.

Track your friends location


Then, pick your friend’s name or put in their email, and click ‘Share’.

After you share your location, you can ask your friend to do the same. Just pick their name and tap ‘Request’.

When your friend agrees to share their location:

When you ask your friend to share their location, they’ll get a notification or an email invitation. Here’s what they should do:

Open the message or email they received.

They should tap ‘Accept’ or ‘View location request.’

This will take them to Google Maps with your location request shown.

Now you can begin following your friend’s real-time location

If your friend says okay, you can start watching where they are:

Open Google Maps on your phone.

Tap the little picture of a person in the top-left corner.

Pick ‘Location sharing.’

You’ll see your friend’s name and where they are on the map right now.

You can also see how long it will take them to get to a place if they’re using directions.

Stop Sharing Location (if not required)

If you want to stop sharing your location or stop watching your friend’s location, do this:

Open “Google Maps”

Tap the menu icon (three horizontal lines) in the top left corner.

Select “Location Sharing”

Choose your friend’s name or the location request you sent.

Tap “Stop Sharing”

Make sure everything is private and secure

Only share your location with people you trust, and you can decide how long they can see it.

You can also stop sharing whenever you want to keep your privacy safe.

Hide Someone on Google Maps

Even if someone has shared where they are with you, it doesn’t mean you always want to see them on the map. Maybe you know they’re fine, and you want to look at someone else. You can hide a person on the map if you want to.

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