Kim Jong inspects Russian Bombers

Kim Jong inspects Russian bombers, hypersonic missiles, and advanced warships during his trip to Russia’s Far East, raising concerns about an arms alliance with Russia amid the conflict in Ukraine.

After taking a train to Artyom, Kim went to an airport near Vladivostok, where Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and other important military leaders showed him Russia’s big warplanes and bombers. These are the planes Russia uses in the fighting in Ukraine, like the Tu-160, Tu-95, and Tu-22 bombers. They use these planes to shoot missiles at targets. Shoigu, who met Kim in North Korea in July, also showed Kim one of Russia’s new missiles, the super-fast Kinzhal, carried by a fighter jet called MiG-31.

This missile was used in the war in Ukraine. Kim and Shoigu went to Vladivostok and checked out a big Russian warship called Admiral Shaposhnikov, which is part of Russia’s Pacific fleet. The ship has long-range missiles called Kalibr, which Russia often shoots at targets in Ukraine. Kim’s visits to these military and technology places could mean he wants something from Russia, like help with his weapons, in exchange for giving Russia supplies for the war in Ukraine.

Kim Jong inspects Russian Bombers
Kim Jong inspects Russian Bombers

Kim Jong inspects Russian Bombers and a trip to Russia, where he talked with Putin for more than four hours, shows that North Korea and Russia are working together more in the military. North Korea might want Russian technology to improve its nuclear and missile programs, and in return, it could help Russia with supplies for the war in Ukraine.

Videos from Russia’s Defense Ministry show Kim arriving at the airport, where Shoigu and guards welcomed him. Kim looked at the Kinzhal missile and talked with Shoigu and other military leaders about the warplanes and missiles, with translators helping with the conversation.

Kim talked with Shoigu and Yevmenov about a new North Korean submarine that they showed off last week. After that, Kim visited a factory where they made advanced Russian warplanes. Lately, Kim has been saying that he wants to make his navy stronger because he’s worried about the United States, which has been doing more military exercises with South Korea to deal with North Korea’s growing threat.

Some experts think Kim wants to get technology for ballistic missile submarines and nuclear-powered submarines from Russia, and maybe they’ll do navy exercises together. Kim’s trip to Russia started when he arrived in a city called Artyom, and there, he was welcomed by children with flowers.

Kim Jong inspects Russian Bombers and also meets Putin at a big space center, showing that Kim wants help from Russia with space technology and missiles. Then, Kim went to another city called Komsomolsk-on-Amur, where he visited a factory that makes Russian fighter jets. They showed Kim a Su-57 jet, and he watched a Su-35 jet land after flying. During a meal with Russian officials, Kim’s top military officer, Ri Pyong Chol, said the visit was good for North Korea and Russia.

This trip was Kim’s first to Russia since April 2019 when he met Putin in Vladivostok. Just before coming to Russia, Kim went to a North Korean shipyard where they unveiled a submarine they say can launch nuclear weapons from underwater. But South Korea is not sure if it works well. Kim also wants to get nuclear-powered submarines, which can go quietly for a long way and attack enemy places. Experts say North Korea can’t do this without help from outside.

Russia said they will follow the rules set by the United Nations, and some of those rules say North Korea can’t buy or sell weapons. They also said they didn’t sign any deals for military cooperation with North Korea after Kim met Putin. Both countries probably don’t want to tell the world if they make deals on weapons to avoid getting in trouble.

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